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Beauty salon Water Quality Laboratory in Moscow Cosmetic treatment

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April 08, 2009. Hairdress salon in Moscow , fancy nails

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February 20, 2009. Water Quality Laboratory in Moscow is a certified laboratory for drinking water analysis

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February 20, 2009. Cosmetic treatment ; skin light therapy
PHARMTECH - International Pharmaceutical Production Exhibition in Moscow Tick Research Laboratory Moscow Hospice # 1

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November 29, 2008. PHARMTECH - International Pharmaceutical Production Exhibition in Moscow. PharmTech is the unique exhibition exclusively dedicated to pharmaceutical production: substances, raw materials, production machinery, packaging, turn-key projects, clinical research, laboratory equipment. Production of medicaments

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October 03, 2008. Novgorod Centre of Epidemiology. Tick research laboratory for the diagnosis of tick borne diseases like encephalitis virus .

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September 05, 2008. Moscow Hospice # 1 provides palliative care for people facing serious, complex illness.
New Year party for kids invalids suffering Down`s Syndrome Joëlle Ciocco in Moscow Vaccine against bird flu

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January 10, 2008. Russian kids invalids suffering from Down`s Syndrome having New Year celebrations party at the `Children`s Look` Gallery in Moscow

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November 16, 2007. French dermatologist and biochemist Joelle Ciocco introduced her cosmetics in Moscow

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May 30, 2006. Vaccine against bird flu
CryoStorage of brain cells Maternity Open heart surgery

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May 12, 2006. CryoStorage of brain cells

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April 20, 2006. At the Maternity Hospital in St.Petersburg

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April 12, 2006. Open heart surgery in Novosibirsk (Siberia) cardiological centre.
`Anti-age` cosmetology clinic `Unimed` dental clinic `Beauty Plaza` cosmetology centre

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April 11, 2006. `Anti-age` cosmetology clinic

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March 14, 2006. `Unimed` dental clinic.

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April 16, 2005. `Beauty Plaza` cosmetology centre
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