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Caterpillar Tosno plant in Russia IMF Chief Christine Lagarde in Moscow Emirates’ newest destination

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November 14, 2011. November 03,2011.Leningrad region,Russia. Pictured: Caterpillar Tosno plant in Leningrad region of Russia.(CAT)

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November 08, 2011. November 07,2011. Moscow,Russia. Pictured: IMF chief Christine Lagarde gives an open lecture at the State University of the Russian Finance Ministry.

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November 03, 2011. November 01,2011. St.Petersburg,Russia.Pictured: Thierry Antinori, Emirates` Executive Vice President, Passenger Sales Worldwide at the celebrations for Emirates’ newest destination of St. Petersburg,Russia.
Russian made LADA cars IATA Director General Tony Tyler visits Russia Cindy Crawford attends OMEGA boutique opening in Moscow

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October 26, 2011. October 24,2011. Moscow,Russia. Pictured: Russian made LADA Granta car for russian taxi shown at International AutoTransport Forum in Moscow .

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October 13, 2011. October 12,2011.St.Petersburg,Russia.Pictured: Tony Tyler, The International Air Transport Association (IATA)Director General attends Russia-EU Aviation Summit in St.Petersburg.

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October 10, 2011. September 05,2011.Moscow,Russia. Pictured: American model Cindy Crawford (c) attends OMEGA boutique opening in Moscow.
Koji Hattori of Masahiro knife company in St.Petersburg Coca-Cola opened new plant in Russia Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych vists Moscow to discuss natural gas prices for Ukraine

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October 03, 2011. September 29,2011. St.Petersburg,Russia. Pictured: Koji Hattori , President of Japanese Masahiro knife company, presents his production in St.Petersburg.

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October 03, 2011. September 26,2011.Rostov on Don,Russia.Coca-Cola opened a new plant in Rostov region of southern Russia.Pictured: The Coca-Cola Company CEO Muhtar Kent at the grand opening of Coca-Cola Hellenic plant in Rostov region of Russia.

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September 26, 2011. September 24,2011.Zavidovo presidential residence near Moscow. Pictured:Ukraine`s President Viktor Yanukovych (back)came to Moscow to meet Russia`s President Dmitry Medvedev (l)and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (r)to negotiate russian natural gas prices for Ukraine.
The Queen of Denmark at Grundfos plant opening ceremony Russia revised grain harvest for 2011 to 90mn tons Russians protest against joining WTO

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September 08, 2011. September 07,2011. Moscow, Russia. Pictured: HM The Queen of Denmark Margrethe II attended the opening ceremony of the second unit of the Danish company Grundfos` pump production plant in the town of Istra near Moscow.

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July 20, 2011. July 18,2011.Stavropolsky krai,Russia. Grain Harvest in Russia. As announced by first deputy PM Viktor Zubkov, grain harvest in Russia in 2011 could amount to 90mn tons vs. previous forecast of 85mn-87mn tons. As reported last month, while Fitch Ratings welcomes Russia`s intention not to prolong the export ban on grains, as well as to lift the export quotas on some types of grain. Pictured: 2011 grain harvest in the fields of Krasnoye Selo village of Stavropol region of southern Russia.

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July 08, 2011. July 07,2011.St.Petersburg,Russia. NO WTO - Russians protest against joining World Trade Organization (WTO).
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales in Moscow Apple iPad 2 sales in Russia Japan Tobacco International reduces the portfolio of brands in Russia

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June 30, 2011. June 15,2011.Moscow,Russia. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales (pictured) arrived in Moscow for a one-day visit to give a talk on the future of the internet.

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June 09, 2011. May 30,2011. Moscow,Russia. Apple iPad 2 sales started in Russia.

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June 01, 2011. Russian division of Japan`s Japan Tobacco International (JTI) reduces the portfolio of brands. Until late summer company will cease production of four brands in the lower price segment, including cigarettes `Ducat`(Dukat),which were among some of the most popular cigarette in the USSR. the Japanese manufacturer has decided to reduce the number of its brands in low price segment, abandoning production of cigarettes, `Dukat`, `News,` `Gold List` and `Three Kings.` This will be done to avoid internal competition marks JTI. Pictured: production of Ducat (Dukat) cigarettes at JTI`s Liggett Ducat tobacco factory in Moscow.The big box with Ducat cigarettes.
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