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Belarus Economic Crisis Russian search engine Yandex seeks $1 billion Nasdaq IPO Belarus Currency Exchange Relaxed

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May 24, 2011. An economic crisis in Belarus deepens as its currency plunged in value after the Central Bank of Belarus lifted restrictions on the exchange rate. Long lines had been snaking out of supermarkets and shops for the past few days, as people wanting to change declining Belarus Rubles for the goods that still have some more value that Belarus Rubles, such as TV sets, refrigerators,..... Pictured: Electrical Household Appliances Shop in Grodno city was cleaned up by the customers upto empty shelfs ; no more goods left to sell, just one defective TV set on the shelf.

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May 24, 2011. Yandex, the search engine that claims 64 percent of the market in Russia, is seeking at least US$1 billion in an IPO put together by Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley. According to Reuters, new shares will be issued by Yandex’s parent company, and its existing owners will cash out some of their shares. Pictured: St.Petersburg`s branch of Yandex ; the logo of Yandex on the glassy wall in the office.

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May 11, 2011. Belarus facing currency shortage. It`s almost impossible for people to buy US Dollars or Euros in Belarus. Pictured: currency exchange office in Minsk city can not offer the exchange.To buy currency people have to wait.
Reconstruction of Football Arena for 2012 UEFA European Football Championship Microsoft`s CIO Tony Scott in Moscow Thomas Mirow, president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

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April 26, 2011. Football Arena reconstruction for 2012 UEFA European Football Championship.Pictured: reconstruction of Olympiisky Republican Stadium (Central Stadium)in Kyiv,Ukraine. Ukraine along with Poland will host 2012 UEFA European Football Championship.

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April 22, 2011. Microsoft`s CIO Tony Scott at the press conference in Moscow.

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April 21, 2011. Thomas Mirow, president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)visits Ukraine.Pictured: Thomas Mirow at the press conference in Kyiv,Ukraine.
Prince Philippe of Belgium heads Belgian trade mission in Russia Putin and Halonen launched high-speed train between Helsinki and St.Petersburg PepsiCo Is Buying A Stake Of Russian Wimm-Bill-Dann For $3.8B

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April 11, 2011. His Royal Highness, Prince Philippe of Belgium at the agreements signing ceremony between Russian and Belgian companies in St.Petersburg,Russia.

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December 14, 2010. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Finnish President Tarja Halonen traveled to St. Petersburg on the first high-speed Allegro train launched between St.Petersburg and Helsinki on Sunday,December 12,2010. “That was super. It was so fast that the President of Finland and I barely had time to discuss anything,” said Putin, who joined Halonen on the new train in the Russian border town of Vyborg. Pictured: Tarja Halonen just arrived to St.Petersburg on board Allegro train.

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December 07, 2010. Pictured: Donald M. Kendall (l), co-founder of PepsiCo and Zein Abdalla (r),CEO PepsiCo Europe pictured prior to a press conference in Moscow. PepsiCo Inc. is buying a majority stake in Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods for $3.8 billion, a deal that will make it the biggest food and beverage company in Russia. The deal is Pepsi`s largest international acquisition ever. It gives the company dominant position in the fast-growing Russian market and furthers its plan to build its global nutrition business.
World Financial Crisis Scania launched plant to produce trucks in Russia Prime Minister of Finland Mari Kiviniemi in St.Petersburg,Russia

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November 23, 2010. World Financial Crisis ; US Dollar $ vs Euro

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November 18, 2010. Sñania opens Truck Plant in Shushary Industrial Zone near St.Petersburg, Russia. Launching the plant for the production of trucks, Swedish concern Scania becomes the first foreign automaker, started full commercial production of commercial vehicles in the north-western Russia. Pictured: Leif Östling , President and CEO of Scania at the grand opening ceremony in Shushary.

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November 12, 2010. Mari Kiviniemi ,Prime Minister of Finland attends the grand opening of Stockmann Mall in St.Petersburg,Russia.
Stockmann opens Mall in St.Petersburg,Russia Steve Ballmer of Microsoft CEO in Ukraine Mr. Franklin Pitcher Johnson in Moscow

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November 12, 2010. Finnish retailer Stockmann opens Mall in St.Petersburg,Russia .Pictured: right after the grand opening of Stockmann Mall.

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November 08, 2010. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO visits Kyiv,Ukraine.

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October 13, 2010. American businessman Mr. Franklin Pitcher (`Pitch`) Johnson gives lecture in Moscow. Mr. Franklin Pitcher (`Pitch`) Johnson was co-founder in 1962 of Draper and Johnson Investment Company, venture capital company, and became an independent venture capitalist in 1965 as the founder of Asset Management Company.
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