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RTS Stock Exchange Nord Stream pipeline Nord Stream project press briefing in St.Petersburg

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April 21, 2010. Russian Trading System Stock Exchange RTS in Moscow. Established in 1995, as the first regulated stock market in Russia, RTS Stock Exchange now trades the full range of financial instruments from cash equities to commodity futures.

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April 13, 2010. St.Petersburg,Russia.April 9, 2010. Nord Stream gas pipeline underwater construction starts. Construction of the Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to Europe under the Baltic Sea has been officially launched near near Vyborg city of Leningrad region. Pictured: Russian and German flagS on the pipe that will connect russian territory with underwater part of the pipeline

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April 09, 2010. St.Petersburg,Russia. Nord Stream project press briefing devoted to the official start of the construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline as Russian gas monopoly Gazprom is starting the laying of the under-water part of the Nord-Stream gas pipeline. Pictured: pipelaying process is presented on the monitor during the briefing.
General Motors car plant in Shushary Avtoframos car plant in Moscow Russia`s richest person Vladimir Lisin

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March 24, 2010. General Motors car plant in Shushary near St.Petersburg, Russia.Pictured: welding shop. Shushary GM plant operates production of Chevrolet cars

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March 23, 2010. Avtoframos car plant in Moscow. Avtoframos is a Russian automotive company, a joint venture with Renault and the government of Moscow. Pictured: Avtoframos car plant just launched production of new car model Renault Sandero

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March 12, 2010. Billionaire Vladimir Lisin has been named the richest man in Russia with a net worth of $15.8bn, according to by the Forbes magazine. The businessman owes his wealth to the Novolipetsk steel mill. Pictured: Vladimir Lisin at the conference in Moscow
Nestle employees protest in Moscow Leonid Bokhanovsky ,The Gas Exporting Countries Forum General Secretary Production of Russian Champagne

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January 26, 2010. Nestlé Waters workers protest against discrimination of union members.Pictured: Piket line in front of Nestle` headquarter in Moscow demanding equal right for Nestle workers in Russia

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December 15, 2009. The Gas Exporting Countries Forum, or GECF, has appointed Russia`s Leonid Bokhanovsky as General Secretary. Pictured : newly appointed GECF General Secretary Leonid Bokhanovsky at the press conference in Moscow

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December 08, 2009. Production of Russian Champagne at the Moscow Factory of Champagne Wines. Pictured: champagne quality control
New Reval Hotel `Sonya` named after a prostitute full of Christian virtue opened in St.Petersburg Chanel shoe boutique was opened in Moscow Presentation of Japanese SENSAI anti-ageing skincare brand in Moscow

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November 27, 2009. Norwegian hotel net Reval Hotels opened a new hotel in central St.Petersburg, Russia , under Dostoyevsky`s `Crime and Punishment`novel design concept. Unique design concept - based on the world-known Dostoyevsky`s `Crime and Punishment`, story of unscrupulous Rodion Raskolnokov`s transformation into an empathetic human being with moral and conscience.The interior of the hotel reflects atmosphere of Dostoyevsky`s Russia.The official name of the hotel is Reval Hotel Sonya - named after the name of one of the main character of Dostoyevsky`s novel Sonya Marmeladova - a prostitute full of Christian virtue!!! Interior of the hotel

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November 20, 2009. Despite of the economic crisis Chanel shoe boutique was opened in Moscow ; first customers of the new boutique

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November 20, 2009. Presentation of Sensai Japanese cosmetics of Kanebo brand in Moscow. SENSAI is a “prestigious” anti-ageing skincare brand .
Sweden and Finland Give Green Light to Nord Stream Businessman Shabtai Kalmanovich was killed in Moscow Bogner boutique opened in Moscow

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November 05, 2009. November 05, 2009.The Swedish and Finnish cabinets have approved the construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline through their exclusive economic zones in the Baltic Sea. Denmark has already agreed to the construction of the pipeline through its waters. The project now requires approval by Germany and Russia, the countries that initiated the project. Pictured:Construction of the land section of Nord Stream pipeline by Gazprom company in Leningrad region of Russia. Nord Stream pipeline will connect Russia with Germany through the Baltic Sea underwater pipeline to supply Europe with russian natural gas. Pictured: construction works of the groung section of Nord Stream pipeline in Leningrad area of Russia

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November 02, 2009. Businessman Shabtai Kalmanovich was killed in Moscow. Pictured: Shabtai Kalmanovich , Chairman of directors board of basketball club UGMK (Ekaterinburg)at the press conference in Moscow

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October 29, 2009. The Bogner clothing brand boutique was opened in Moscow
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