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Vladimir Putin at the Russian Geographical Society board of trustees session German politologist Alexander Rahr in Moscow

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May 08, 2013. April 30,2013. Pictured: President Vladimir Putin at the Russian Geographical Society board of trustees session in St.Petersburg,Russia.

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April 19, 2013. Alexander Rahr, German politologist and program director at the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP).
Mikhail Gorbachev lecturing in Moscow Life Without Fear course

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April 01, 2013. March 30,2013. Pictured: Mikhail Gorbachev lecturing at RIA Novosti multi-media centre of Moscow,Russia.

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March 12, 2013. March 10,2013. St.Petersburg,Russia. Life Without Fear training course.Pictured: a trainee stands on nails.
Pussy Riot doll at Doll Salon in Moscow Harlem Shake flash mob in Russia

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March 11, 2013. Doll Salon in Moscow,Russia. Pictured : Pussy Riot doll.

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March 05, 2013. March 03,2013. Pictured: A mass Harlem Shake flashmob held in St.Petersburg of Russia. People gathered in central St.Petersburg are dancing Harlem Shake.
Prince Carl Ferdinand of Bentheim and Steinfurt in Moscow Special operation of Russian police against potential islamic terrorists

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February 19, 2013. February 17,2013.Moscow,Russia. Pictured:The Hereditary Prince Carl Ferdinand of Bentheim and Steinfurt and his wife Princess Elna-Margret of Bentheim and Steinfurt attend birthday party of russian singer Irina Dubtsova at The Sad restaurant of Moscow.

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February 11, 2013. February 08,2013.St.Petersburg,Russia. Russian police conducted a special operation in Apraksin Dvor market of St.Petersburg and have detained 271 people, most of them from the North Caucasus and central Asia, in an investigation into involvement in “terrorist activities”. Pictured: police arrest a dealer from Apraksin Dvor market.
First same-sex marriage between two women in Russia Stalinbus in St.Petersburg

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February 11, 2013. February 09,2013.First same-sex marriage (or equal marriage) between two women in Russia. The marriage was registered by non-formal registry office Point-G in St.Petersburg,Russia. Pictured: two happy young lesbian women with marriage certificate in the Point-G registry office.

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February 06, 2013. February 02,2013. Stalinbus appeared in the streets of St.Petersburg, Russia. A minibus with portrait of Stalin on it in commemoration of 70th anniversary of Stalingrad Battle victory over the nazis is seen in St.Petersburg.
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