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Construction works of the Baltic Nuclear Power Plant in Kaliningrad region of Russia
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July 13, 2012 17:49
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About 2 years ago Russia started construction of the Baltic Nuclear Power Plant 13 kilometers south-east of Neman, in Kaliningrad region of Russian Federation. The shutdown of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant combined with Polish plans to scrap coal-fired generation in compliance with environmental regulation means the Baltic region faces an energy crisis by 2015. Kaliningrad in particular will be isolated from what supplies are available, as the Baltic states have filed applications to de-synchronize themselves from the Russian electricity grid and join the ENTSO-E grid. Pictured: construction of the Unit #1 base (Block #1) of the Baltic Nuclear Power Plant (also referred as The Kaliningrad Nuclear Power Plant or Baltiiskaya NPP )in Kaliningrad region of Russia.

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