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Russia wants to revive its missile trains by 2020
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November 09, 1994 00:00
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According to official information from the Ministry of Defense of Russia, military railroad missile complexes are currently under development and will appear in Russia by 2020. “Russia’s political leadership has made the decision to start the development of a military railroad missile complex for the Strategic Missile Forces of Russia, as a response to the threat the European Missile Defense System will present between 2018 and 2020,” said Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the Natsionalnaya Oborona (National Defence)magazine and director of the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade (CAWAT). The Military Railroad Missile Complex (Boyevoy Zheleznyy Raketnyy Kompleks BZhRK) consists of three launch cars [each with a single missile], a command and control car, cars for personnel, and several diesel locomotives. The rail-mobile version could operate on any Soviet rail line that was unobstructed by overhead electrical power lines, a total of 145,000 km of track. Pictured: the Military Railroad Missile Complex based in Kostroma oblast of Russia.

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