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Belarus interior troops training centre Russian army based in self-proclaimed republic of Abkhazia Russia`s Space Forces optical tracking facility in Tajikistan

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February 18, 2010. Belarus interior troops training centre `Volovshchina` near Minsk. Pictured: soldiers at combat training in the field

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January 26, 2010. Russian military base on the territory of self-proclaimed republic of Abkhazia.Pictured: combat hehicles of #7 Krasnodar military base in Abkhazia

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January 22, 2010. Russia`s Space Forces optical tracking facility, the OKNO complex (english:Window) near the town of Nurek in central Tajikistan. OKNO is a part of the Strategic Rocket Forces (SRF) space monitoring system , its task is to detect space objects, determine their orbit and trajectory, and identify their national affiliation.Experts regard Okno center in Tajikistan as Russia`s most valuable military object on the territory of the republic. Located in the Sanglok mountains 2,200 meters above the sea level, the complex in question is one of the most efficient means of the airspace control system of the Russian Space Forces. The skies above it are clear almost all year round. The Okno is capable of tracking objects 40,000 kilometers (24,800 miles) from Earth, the space forces said in a statement carried by the Interfax-Military News Agency when it was put on duty in 2002. The facility involves telescope-like equipment housed in several large spheres, similar to the U.S. GEODSS system. Pictured: spheres with telescopes inside
201 Russian military base in Dushanbe,Tajikistan Unmanned spy plane `Pchela` Soviet War in Afghanistan 1979-1989

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January 22, 2010. 201 Russian military base in Dushanbe , Tajikistan . Pictured: russian soldiers in Tajikistan

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January 20, 2010. Unmanned spy plane `Pchela` (english: Bee) is a spy-plane used for surveillance and designed by Yakovlev Design Bureau for special operations (especially for FSB operations in Chechnya). Pictured: tests of Pchela spy-plane in a base near Moscow

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January 12, 2010. Soviet War in Afghanistan 1979-1989 . Pictured: December 1988 ; Kabul airport , soviet soldiers carry a coffin with a body of killed soviet soldier so called `Cargo 200`
Russian Army Russia Wants to Buy French Assault Ship Army Conscription in Russia

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December 23, 2009. Russian Army. Frosty Winter of 2009 ; Soldiers of #6417 military unit in Lembolovo settlement of Leningrad region

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November 24, 2009. Russia wants to buy for it`s Navy French amphibious assault ship/helicopter carrier of Mistral class. Pictured: French Navy`s amphibious assault ship Mistral arrived on an official visit to St. Petersburg prior the potential deal between Russia and France. French Navy`s Mistral amphibious assault ship, docked on the Neva River in central St. Petersburg

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October 21, 2009. Army Conscription in Russia. Pictured: russian conscript who just joined the Army with his girlfriend. Army Conscription in Russia happens twice a year : in spring and autumn.
Ukrainian President Yushchenko at the Navy base in Crimea Russian army unit based in Rostov on Don Russia-France Security Cooperation Council

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October 09, 2009. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (l) attending military exercise at the Ukrainian Navy base in Crimea

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October 07, 2009. Russian army unit based in Rostov on Don

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October 07, 2009. Russia-France Security Cooperation Council plenary meeting in Moscow where Defence Ministers of Russia and France discuss military cooperation between two countries. Pictured: French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner attending the plenary meeting in Moscow
Russian-Belarus joint military exercise Russia and Belarus start joint military exercise ZAPAD 2009 Abkhazia threatens to sink Georgian Navy ships in its waters

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October 06, 2009. Russian-Belarus start joint military exercise ZAPAD 2009 (english: WEST 2009 ). Pictured: GRAD Multiple Rocket Launcher System

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September 18, 2009. Russia and Belarus start joint military exercise ZAPAD 2009 (english: WEST 2009 ). Pictured: Russia sends from Naro-Fominsk military base soldiers and combat vehicles to participate in Russia-Belarus joint military exercise held in Belarus

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September 10, 2009. Pictured: damaged Georgian Navy flagship Dioskuria partially submerged in the waters of Poti naval base. The Abkhazian President has issued an order for the Abkhazian Navy to destroy Georgian ships illegally entering the Republicís waters. Georgian officials have detained several vessels en route to the Republic, including a Turkish ship whose captain faces charges of violating the territorial waters of Georgia. The Abkhazian President also says the Republic is ready to protect its maritime boundaries with its own forces, without involving the Russian Navy.
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