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Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko inspects Ukrainian Army Reconstruction of WWII battle in Russia Russian Army , Taman infantry rifle division

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July 04, 2008. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko inspects Ukrainian Army , while visiting 28th mechanized infantry brigade in Odessa region of Crimea in Ukraine. Yushchenko testing the gun

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May 07, 2008. Reconstruction of WWII battle between russian and german troops in Krasnodar region of Russia. `Blue Line Break Through` operation. (soviet tank T34 in the background)

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April 14, 2008. Taman infantry rifle division at the preparations for military parade. Missile complex on the march
Viktor Yushchenko piloting SU 27 fighter jet Preparations for May 9th military parade in Moscow Russian riot police prepairing for the Presidential Election in Russia on March 2nd

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April 02, 2008. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko piloting SU 27 fighter jet

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March 19, 2008. Preparations for May 9th ( Victory Day ) military parade in Moscow. Pictured: BMP 3 , ARMOURED INFANTRY CARRIER

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February 22, 2008. Russian riot police prepairing to provide order at the Presidential Election in Russia on March 2nd. Riot police personnel training in Moscow
Dmitri Medvedev visits Russian Defence Ministry Head Office General Baluevsky’s Statement Reminded the Poles of Worst Times Spetsnaz: russian special forces base in Moscow

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December 28, 2007. First vice premier Dmitri Medvedev visits Russian Defence Ministry Office to meet with top military commanders of Russian Armed Forces.

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December 17, 2007. On December 15,2007 Russia`s Armed Forces Chief of General Staff Yuri Baluevsky told the Moscow news conference that firing an interceptor from the U.S. missile defense shield in Poland could be mistaken for the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile and provoke a retaliatory strike from Russia. On the picture: Chief of russian General Staff Yuri Baluevsky (r), President Vladimir Putin and head of presidential administration Dmitri Medvedev (l) at the meeting with commanding officers of russian Armed Forces in Moscow.

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November 07, 2007. Spetsnaz special forces of Interior troops base in Moscow. Billboard with portrait of russian President Putin in the military base as a propaganda among russian military of Kremlin`s political course in the eve of parliamentarian and presidential elections in Russia.
Russian Peace Keeping forces in Georgia-Abkhazia conflict zone Russia proposed Gabala radar station as an alternative to US deployment of radar stations in Eastern Europe Belarus special forces combat training

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November 02, 2007. Russian Peace Keeping forces in Georgia-Abkhazia conflict zone. Check point #201 of the conflict zone.

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October 30, 2007. Russia proposed to it`s US partners that Gabala ( Qabala )can be an alternative to american radar stations would be deployed in the Czech Republic and Poland. The Russian government currently leases ground-based Soviet-built early-warning radar station in Gabala (Azerbaijan). The radar station in Gabala was built in the beginning of 80s of last century to control the launching of ballistic missiles from Mediterranean Sea to India. Currently it is very important object, and is able to fix missiles launched from the territory of Iran. So including of its system into anti- missile defense system could prevent such attacks on the part of Iran. Russian Azerbaijani agreement on the Gabala radar station was signed in January 2002 for 10 years and is leased out to Russia until 2012.The radar station is likely to remain a bargaining chip in the complex tournament of Russian-Azerbaijani relations: Russians want to keep the asset, Azerbaijanis are happy that they have an asset that gives them some leverage on Russia.

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October 29, 2007. Belarus special forces soldiers during combat training in Volovshchina Training Centre in Minsk region
Launch of Topol Missile at Plesetsk cosmodrome Russian and Indian Defence Ministers held a meeting in Moscow Russian-Chinese anti-terroristic exercises near Moscow

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October 19, 2007. October 18, 2007. Plesetsk cosmodrome in Arkhangelsk region of Russia. Launch of Topol intercontinental ballistic missile

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October 18, 2007. Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov (r) had a meeting with Indian Defence Minister Kurian Antony (centre) in Moscow discussing Russian-Indian military cooperation.

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September 07, 2007. Russian-Chinese joint counter-terroristic military exercises `Friendship 2007` in Balashikha outside Moscow, 06 September 2007. About 100 Russian soldiers from `Vityaz` special forces unit and 87 Chinese servicemen from `Panther` chinese special unit are taking part in the exercises at an Interior Ministry base near Moscow. Chinese soldiers.
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